Message from our founder:


Rosie & Leo is an independent children’s clothing brand of Takro Limited. We founded Rosie & Leo to create the cutest designs for your little ones. Mostly featuring wild animals, our brand tells a story about the friendship between a fox, representing the UK and a snow leopard, an endangered animal representing Uzbekistan, where clothes are made. Our family-owned company always strives to remain original by employing experienced designers to source and craft original and exclusive motifs and styles.

We know babies grow very quickly and the cost of raising a child in the UK is higher than ever. The Guardian 2016 figures show that the average annual expenditure is £11,498 for the first year of raising a child. With our focus on quality and price balance, we make it possible to fill you baby’s wardrobe with lovely designs from shimmering butterflies to twinkling stars.

Durability is essential to us, therefore we continue to research extensively to ensure the long-lasting quality of all our clothing. We always welcome suggestions from experienced mothers who would like to contribute to our designs!

Yours sincerely,

Ziyoda Kamildjanova
Rosie & Leo